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Silicea. Beating pains from the back of the neck to the top of
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the administration of large doses of bromide of sodium and
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and supporting tissue being left and the liver is therefore reduced in
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acute or chronic anterior poliomyelitis inflammation or injury of
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it may be remembered that Prof. Lignieres had also demanded
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the heart. This disease should be treated by a competent
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During the intervals of the period the system must be toned up
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direct or violent force. When the body of the bone is broken the
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achievement in your life. I pray for your success in
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manifestations described usually begin to disappear and in some
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blood poisoning or pulmonary complications. The duration varies
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and proportion and the presence of new cellular elements in the blood
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Prognosis and Treatment. The prognosis is unfavorable for scarcely
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pines by smearing all abrasions on horses with ointments etc.
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and submaxillary glands and possibly the sense of taste. It also