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When intended to be cooling the cloths must be of a size suited

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throat as if from lumps acidity of the stomach stomach painful

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Prognosis. Favorable. The affection terminates in three or four

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this point in my life if it were not for your love and

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by fibrinous pneumonia. Emphysema of the lungs and pulmonary

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kidney the capsule was found separated from the organ by a

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dium. Exposure to cold and injury further act as etiologic factors

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alderman for two years in his city this spring without opposi

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two factors one consists in the toxic effect of the imperfectly oxi

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toms appear very suddenly the tumor is large the pain intense

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applied to the throat continuously. The vapor of boiling water

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upon the forehead and renewed as often as it becomes hot.

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enable us to establish the sort of institution that we have for

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took part. Among the operators were Drs. Adams and Wil

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Bent my ear to hear the tune and closed my eyes to see

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teaspoonful every fifteen minutes or half hour until the child i

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covery was obtained. After that length of time however the

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When the eruption strikes in or the skin assumes a livid bluish

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vimbilicus and abdominal tenderness which phenomena continue

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agoin. The tireless laughs and endless piles of dishes will always await