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Causes. The direct cause is the tricophyton fungus. Its growth

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opposed or have attempted to prevent vicious legislation that

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communicating with a bronchial tube. It is met with most com

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President H. S. Smith after a neat little speech thanking

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of live meat producing animals in the United States last

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It is a condition of nerve tire or exhaustion and hence the nervous

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humor which causes the object inspected to be formed a little in

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plus that regurgitated from the ventricle. This is possible only if dilatation

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Section i. Every person firm or company standing or

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Treatment The affected part should be placed at rest. Repeated

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except when drawn immediately from the cow. After the cream

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a general character. Each disease is fully described giving in de

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to be mentioned hystero epUepsy a condition of hysteria to which is

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water for two Jiours then strain the liquor over a pound of prunes

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applying the acid to the puncture we do no harm to surrounding

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istration of pilocarpine would have some effect on the course

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through which it passes during fetal life appears to be particularly

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be given in teaspoonful doses. If the Castor oil does not open the

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cises mountain climbing bicycling rowing especially atford

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semble pyelitis from other causes and a distinction often can only

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my friend. Thanks for encouraging me ond giving me spoce to grow.

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parts of acetanilide applied frequently to the hands and feet often

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nodules in both bronchial glands the posterior mediastinal

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albus Streptococcus pyogenes Bacillus colt communis and Tubercle

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in abundance but the mycelium is very scant. The hair shaft is

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not remove it as quickly as the oil or vaseline and should it

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and profoimd disturbance of the nervous system terminating in

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ural position and at was walking around. The pieces of tape

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vesicles are soon broken by the fingers or clothing when the fluid

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calcitonin-salmon (fortical and miacalcin)

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as the girl has not increased physically if she has not become

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amined post mortem from time to time during a term of years.

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We have however on numerous occasions found cases that

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Dr. Bellinger reported two fatal cases of tetanus one treated

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cutaneous manifestations that are due directly to the interna

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time with uneasiness depression of spirits wakefulness dizziness

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kft gasps convulsively and death closes the horrible scene. Croup

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be as high as to microns. Transitional forms between the small

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or not the evidence he produces is corroborative is original in

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Salmon put in and Ir. Howard contributed the paper.

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pair. The sinuses were healed without suppuration when the

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the nasal cavities. The animal was malleined. The thermic

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in bed. Soft diet should be prescribed. A free movement of the

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