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five weeks before I saw the patient again at this time all the
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mouth open. As a result the facial expression acquires a stupid
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brane to appear rough and shaggy dry pericarditis. Later there is
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Gargle. A liquid preparation for washing the throat.
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odor of garlic which gives rise to sharp pain at the point of
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wards on a level with the eye it is hard and not painful
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disinfected and ansesthetization produced with solution Sto
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close connection with the stockman and the like yet at the
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foregoing matters of breeding rearing and feeding rather than
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g ently and divided it by cutting downward to the hook disin
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in this way lost their virulence for guinea pigs but guinea pigs
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powder. If the dropsy is uninfluenced by these means calomel
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American Veterinary Medical Association has no business to
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trees hence it is a good plan to surround the house with groves
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and measles. The exciting cause is a microorganism staphylococci
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and thoroughly wash out any lacerations of the soft tissues with
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thor into external and internal treatment enumerates different
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fering more or less with their functions. The enlargement may be
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channels are either contributary or the result of the action ta
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In the Table of Symptoms are given the prominent symj
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and strychnine are indicated when the heart is weak. Trousseau