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sweat which has a sour smell these symptoms are soon followed
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apply a poultice of wheat bran vinegar and strong lye witli a
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acid nitrate of silver or chromitim trioxide is often satisfactory.
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den or possibly gradual rise of temperature but this may drop
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with thickening of the coats enfeeblement of the musculature
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ical schools do not ever presume to teach the student horseman
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water fowl wood cock snipe soups eggs not hard boiled butter
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but when limited to the apices are significant of the incipient stage
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Treatment There is no drug having the power to cure sclerosis
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itching of all parts of the body mucous membrane of the eyes
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will lie in a long heavy sleep being with difficulty aroused. The
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Nuclein is a non poisonous germicide. Its administration
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died of meningitis an organism which they regarded. as the
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a decade too Thank you for being supportive in your own
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with the rest of your lives and professional careers.
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The patient lies motionless on the back with the legs and thighs
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body. The swelling rapidl increases and becomes of a florid or
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Diagnosis. Always examine the urine in case of cough and
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or homy thickened patch of skin variable in extent of a grayish
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eyeballs protrude and the muscles of the neck become prominent
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limb swollen and the pain severe excellent results may be ex
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a contrast stain with solution of LoefHer s methylene blue for about
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fession. It came without the blare of trumpets by a gradual