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The cause is unknown. The affection occurs most often among the

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and the opposite condition has as uniformly been unsuccessful.

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be artificially filled with air. This may be done by placing over

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very violent give Ignatia and Opium every two or three hours

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hyperemic areas. Diffuse suppuration may occur or in chrooisi.

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vagina left open to serve as a drain. The treatment consisted

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my side fra so hoppy to become part of your family.

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Klimmer has carried out some very useful investigations

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It consists of sudden unconsciousness with convulsions. It is

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diarrhoea advances an injection composed of a teaspoonful of

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they become agitated and are turned up beneath the upper eyelid

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beginning of a severe case of diphtheria the patient is seized with

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vasomotor system as a result of which local stagnation of the per

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normal. Neglected they would have exhausted their brain power in

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In lead colic morphine caster oil or sulphate of magnesium

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and Kalle who maintain that the immunization is completed on

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benefit. General physical and mental rest is indicated in the nervous

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water until it is dissolved add one pint of sweet milk place it