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is sudden with coma during exertion or excitement. The tempera
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movement or coughing the expectoration is bloody and of the
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should be treated as they arise on general therapeutic principles.
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which may damage the surrounding soft tissues. Another rea
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is already dead of pain and exhaustion. This condition is one
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of the eruption etc. will serve to distinguish tinea drdnata from
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the bowel and early collapse. The x ray may aid in locating the
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complexion changes blondes becoming pallid waxy and puffy with
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long extending over several years often with periods of quiescence.
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rise to the minute papules or vesicles which remain until the c use
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of small rotmdish whitish sebaceous non inflammatory elevations
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may be increased by the hjrpodermic injection of amyl nitrite TUv
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stantly no doubt on the lookout for men of marked ability
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vaine Prof. Williams assisted by Dr. Loveland operated here
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Locally coimterirritation in the form of flying blisters or tincture
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of starch with half a teaspoonful of laudanum will be found ex
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of salt water was slowly passed into the stomach and then sy
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made wonderful strides during the past few years under his cap
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The cow should be placed in a narrow stall or tied up close
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Mis. Dose two tablespoonfuls two or three times a day.
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Attacks of the kind described not rarely occur during profound
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prove the absence of the disease before they can be inoculated.
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ribs and stemtim are tender on pressure and the patient asstmies a
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Belladcmna. When there is a sensation of ulceration in the
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obliged to modify his ideas. I have just fallen again into one
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veterinary physiology. A veterinarian himself I am sure he
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quainted with the secretaries of the agricultural and medical
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ment mental exertion and sexual excesses should be avoided. Meas
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and in other ways justifies the assertion that without them other