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great anguish about the heart oppression of the chest. May be
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Irritant poisons such as tartar emetic and elaterium produce
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unable to touch foot to ground. Owner made the statement
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Lycopodium. Discharge thick and yellowish when the Catarrh
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decided. They have been observed in connection with lead
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with full directions for the use of water as a remedy.
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first described the peculiar galvanic exaltation found in this disease.
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often presents a beaded appearance due to the spores. To examine
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Nux Vomica. When with the other symptoms there is conste
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If the bowels are costive give a preparation of Salts or Salts
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known as to the causes of the condition. About one hundred
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discharge is yellowish or greenish sometimes mixed with matter
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in suspended lochia. It should not be administered to those who
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alcoholism delirium tremens paralysis agitans and in poisoning by
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Palpation serves to recognize a presystolic thrill near the apex
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incessantly for its relief only to be rejected a few minutes later.
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day. Where the trouble is caused by any derangement of the
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there were found caseified tubercles in the liver spleen and
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membrane which is congested and to which small hard dry and
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submitted to the vets. Such a favorable result needs no com
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uring operation seemed to give temporary relief as before but
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Zigler castrating knife an incision was made near the inguinal
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characterized by shortness of breath on slight exertion attacks of
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vading germs. The offending microorganisms in turn produce
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souvenirs. One is entitled Veterinary Doses and Prescription
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officer ijispector Quarantine Division Department of Ag
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on animals can be surely shown to have basis in sufficient facts
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doubt a special predisposition in some horses to develop this
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detail of great breeders. He either omits one essential in breed
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last chronicle and on the biology of the causal transmittor have
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red color and the supernatant fluid of a bottle green color.
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