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of temperature should be avoided. Cotton wool or fur should be

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diately after eating if the disease is at the cardiac orifice and some

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rhage tumore. or degenerationof the respiratory center in the medulla

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defensive proteids and is obtained from various animal and

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The impulse to write a short Text book of Special Pathology

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Prognosis. Usually favorable. Their course when left to them

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by the aid of the microscope the affection presents certain clinical

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England to make out a list of hereditary unsoundnesses which

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Dr. Pepper speaks highly of the following for the paroxysm

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lous abscess in the lung and pressing against the pericardium

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upper part of the breast bone breathing very much oppressed

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Chicken Broth. Take half a chicken remove all the fat cut


Secretary of the Louisiana State Agricultural Society and the

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amount of sugar being given daily. Milk and beef tea may be

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of thrombi at the narrowed portions of the arteries thus cutting

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to subcutaneous inoculations. In this way one will guard

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When this action is absent as for instance after extirpation of the