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physicians animal trainers and newspaper men. Lena knew

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In either variety occurs h rperemia of the vascular plexus of the

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it is terminated meanwhile by death. The end of the paroxysm is

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and legs in warm water to which has been added some powdered

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Acanite. High fever pulse rapid tongue coated with yellow

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mucous membrane and blood clots. Anxiety and depression a

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intense does cyanosis of the skin and mucous membranes become.

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Cherie. Fate gave us similar initials that brought us together. But our

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Lhe stomach and sharp pains in the limbs back head and chest

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poisoning pharyngeal diphtheria typhoid fever and the like.

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town of Marquand some of which were at rest most of the time.

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Alone Mr. Hamoir has been more fortunate than any other prac

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The hyperacidity may be overcome by large doses of bicarbonate

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of mallein and no glanders lesions conld be detected in the Inngs

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distinct at the junction of the sternum and the fourth left costal

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opposite side. On percussion dullness will be obtained over the fluid

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abscess by diminished fremitus and vocal resonance and bronchial

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ily detected by pressure on the surface. The diseased area ex

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pupil facial palsy paraplegia and hemiplegia are not uncommon

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kind and intelligent nurse is of importance the society of the family

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this action the creamery and the department have arrived at an

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tuberculosis remain as strong yes even stronger than ever.

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or two teaspoonfuls. This may be continued for several weeks

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the same time enlisting their sympathy and adding recruits to

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the course of other diseases. Secondary bronchial catarrh may

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is President another patient a driver believed for ten months that

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Treatment consists in the finding and removal of the cause and ad

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heads of veterinary and human medicine may perhaps be said

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Asthma is an affection of the lungs characterized by paroxysms

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and also spreads over the surrounding skin thus extending the

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variety of the affection and the location although the general char

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in front of its fellow Fig.. It is noteworthy that the chink

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World s Fair. Should this year s gathering exceed that of

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give rise to an increase in the area of cardiac percussion dulness.

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years of age. Habitual exposure to cold and wet malaria syphilis

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ness. Scrofulous persons also are in marked degree susceptible