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very strong. The tongue becomes dry and of a brownish color

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Two parts each of tincture of Scullcap and Lupuline mixed

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are the host of every malignant disease that is heir to mankind.

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the spread of tuberculosis among cattle is vaccination or the

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use of mallein and tuberculin may cure either of those dreadful

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Symptoms. The principal symptoms are pain and stiffness in the

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paralyzed side remains immobile during breathing and speaking.

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Disturbances of Consciousness. The principal alterations to

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overlooked by the careful clinician. These include intelligent

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local. They are usually considered as of three varieties epileptiform

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The strawberry tongue consists of a more or less tmiform whitish

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and the Central Passenger Association have granted an excur

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After some discussion as to the eligibility of certain local

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Scapula in a Bovine Dr. Pietro Ghislent. Described more