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any stud book recognized by the Department of Agriculture

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cle. Most ordinarily tlie last portion of the floating colon con

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diarrhcea. The stomach becomes amp o irritable as to throw off every

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nounces the practice of docking horses tails as barbarous and

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Apply cold water freely to the head and face and place the feet

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neck for readily observable signs of cholera and tuberculosis

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There is considerable difficulty involved in an attempt to ex

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principle was right for it brought to mind the axiom that if

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the diarrhoea too suddenly especially if powerful medicines are

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S rnonyms. Chronic Bright s disease sclerosis of the kidney

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called upon in turn but excused themselves on the plea that

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thoracic wall cellular tissue contains an enormous infiltration


bilicus is the most prominent symptom. The abdomen is tense and

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fore that this state of affairs is in no small part brought about

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the muscles about the mouth nasolabial folds and of the tongue

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In this condition the tendons behind the knee are not well de

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bottom layer consisting of pus and debris. It is a symptom of

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class pedigree at the present time one finds that he traces

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Treatment. Local applications usually suffice to cure the affection.

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cially about the waist. Water is of great importance in the

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receives its nourishment from the arterioles and the lymphatics

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morning of either of the above remedies for a week or ten days.

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accompany pulmonary abscfcsses or gangrene while the latter attends

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Diagnosis. The characteristics of hepatic cirrhosis are the history

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similarity as has been noted in connection with the very brief

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in the history of the Association. Iore members and visitors

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Belladonna. Is probably the best remedy at the commencement

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of the profession of the entire country tenders its sincere con

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pleted vaccination should be applied only under such condi

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The saline laxatives and the alkaline mineral waters are useful

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My friends and family you are true gifts and I am lucky

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total loss of vision sense of weight and pressure in the eyeball

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dry nervous or sjiasmodic asthma and a humid or moist asthma.

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ture. These are to give the American scholar his insight into

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usually first complains of a chill more or less severe which is

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lowed or are allowed to run from it. The patient picks at the

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tant ends so easily and rapidly as by getting acquainted with

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alwoys trying my best e learned the importance of dedication by