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Injections of tobacco into the anus through a pipe stem.

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Administration of Remedies. Of the selected remedy dissolve

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the blood specimens were carefully examined for microbes and

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from the Legislature of that State for the Veterinary Department

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To My Friends You all have made my medical school experience so

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secure a law regulating the practice of veterinary medicine in

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the relationship of the two professions. Comparative pathology

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Dulcamara and Pulsatilla. Maybe given in alternation turn

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Definition. An inflammatory disease of the skin either acute or

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Administration of Reinedies. Of the selected remedy dissolve

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such as dyspnea cyanosis distention of the superficial vessels

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ulcers scars stains and any other secondary structural changes.

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is found in all stages of surra. The forms of transverse seg

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occur near the termination of the disease. Priapism is an occasional

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