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by dizziness and sickness at the stomach dimness of sight ringing
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may then readily take place and give rise to an erythematous or
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and delirium indicate trouble in the brain blood must be drawn
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sugar and for a further period of twenty four hours. During this
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of the stomach and bowels chilliness depression of spirits un
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fever and chills sweats and a feeling of tension or throbbing in the
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Sulphur and Chelidonium. In obstinate cases give Lachesis Nitric
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paratus to carry out treatment as I wished thus I can report
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water and apple water are all good drinks. Boiled fish is gener
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Causes. A morbid condition of civilization confined principally
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This is known by different names amon medical men but the
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tured and air became admitted through the os there ensued de
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swallowing. Give in alternation with Hyosciamus or Cicuta.
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If the tumors are sore use the following Muriate of ammonia
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believe were already done. It seems like yesterday I was
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a period of emotional depression associated with lassitude feeling
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this happens with some women at each menstrual period when the
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such unhealthy and dangerous conditions. The farmers near the
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catarrh when this has recurred a number of times particularly
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smearing the burned surface thickly with this substance cover it
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Borax and Honey. If the primary or secondary fever is very
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give once in a while a teaspoonful of either Tincture of Lobelia
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tioned are psychic disturbances and injuries during pregnancy articular