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Administration of Remedies. Give six globules of the selected
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oblongata and rarely on the convexity of the brain termed meningeal
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away in the bush and was being brought home when she fell
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soimd being strongly accentu ited. In the presence of valvular
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kept up and for this purpose place hot bricks or bottles of hot
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operation exposure of animals to infectious diseases of the
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water with a little wine. Strong beef tea Indian meal gruel
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valves are contracted or adherent to the ventricle. It may be due
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give a teaspoonful every half hour hour or two hours according
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Rice and barley water with raspberry syrup lemonade etc. are
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their graduates for illegal advertising whereupon mandamus
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abdomen the bladder was found enormously distended and con
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in sufficient degree in such cases so that when subjects of them
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ment and the pulse is weak full doses of the bromides and digitalis
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across the chest and bowels and the rest of the body enveloped in
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of the nose and cheeks characterized by redness hypertrophy
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be observed in condemning horses merely on temperature
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This disease is a comparatively new one with the character of
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to call both in city and country as occasion may require. And
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tissue all comes away and then truat it as a common ulcer.
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Emergency bandage for rupture of the prepubian tendon illustrating method of so crossing
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paralysis particularly of the muscles of the fore arm.
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on account of the time that would be consumed by going into
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breath oppression at the chest palpitation of the heart and pain
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What is to be done First stop the fermentation and absorb
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tered hospital September. Gait stiff membrana nicti
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neuroses and follows injuries of the sympathetic nerve. It is mani
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character of the convulsions and the history of injury syphilis etc.
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kidneys are sufficiently active. Give one ounce of bicarbonate
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Insufficient frequency of defecation insufficient quantity and
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emic and there may be scattered extravasations of blood from rup
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perversion or complete absence of the moral sense being revealed
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Very frequently an attack of hives is associated with fever
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Pathological Anatomy. The changes in the cord are gradual in