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being a subject of most vital importance and one that every vet

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also catarrhal erosions and ulcers may form. At times there

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emetics and surgical measures. If the given indication cannot be

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ter which a tablespoonful in a glass of water may be taken every

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castor oil or milk repeated every two hours will be found useful

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structural changes in the skin. The definitions of these terms by

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strain and physical exertion should be carefully guarded against and

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gangrene of the Itmg bronchiectasis and advanced cavity formation.

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matous growth but nothing seemed to check it until I painted

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hearing occurs in cerebral hyperemia and hysteria. Tinnitus aurium

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ventilated room and if aged or extremely young and feeble placed

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Diagnosis. Cerebral hyperemia is characterized by Fullness in the

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tion labels of the Bureau of Animal Industry and supplied many

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ing sawing wood or rowing a boat should be practiced regularly

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When the eyes are bloodshot foaming at the mouth distortion

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sions which were held at the Societe Centrale as I alluded to in

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Treatment. The hair should be kept very short by clipping with

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Headquarters. The headquarters of the Association will be

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the best thing that ever happened to me because that is

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taking part being Drs. Ward Reynolds Abele Lyman Knowles

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dull. There was marked constipation with some flatulence

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sisting of acts of theft drunkenness violent impulses or indecent

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