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be injected into vagina of animals to be bred. Use the mixture
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of the lips tongue and upper extremities pupillary changes miosis
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a ter which the mixture is again evaporated. Wteo J
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characterized by the sudden occurrence of a paroxysm of severe pain
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and an increased virulence on the part of the invading germ
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dorsal and gradually diminishing in the others. The sternum
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Iodine. Dizziness in the morning buzzing in the ears smart
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word has wrapped up in it the whole history of bacteriology the
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Arnold. So far as we know there are only two of these charter
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fifteen minutes and repeating several times a day. Breathing the
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sive accumulation of carbon dioxid in the blood breathing becomes
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improves beef tea or broth may be given in small quantities.
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food from that source. The feed was all of good quality.
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and proved to be free of living tubercle bacilli. Considering
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using the tincture of veratrum viride in doses of from three to
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fevers as scarlet fever small pox and measels are frequently
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is Washington with which he is in constant communication.
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to the mechanical part of the book which reflects credit upon
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Third Stage or Stage of Collapse is characterized by great pros
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ological research or applying the practical principles of prevent
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under him. By this is meant that the individual in question
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auditory canal besides the appearance of small flakes is intense
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understood it is applied to an enlargement of the glands of the
the lesion be incised. Internally fractional doses of calomel followed
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Mix and divide into twenty pills. Dose one pill three times a
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I merely mention this case to show the apparent restorative
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valvular insufficiency because regurgitation of blood into the ventricle does
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State and thereby increase the value of the veterinarian s ser
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value at times. Strychnine quinine and other stimulants may be
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Tlie leg bath is useful in cases of ulcerations eruptions gout
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posed food and milk improper and indigestible food over eating and
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ing ordinary voluntary movement and attended by fever delirium
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