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tears and pus. Inflammation spreads more or less rapidly to
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a little larger usually discrete although they frequently coalesce
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Coccuhjbs. Particularly useful in common or flatulent colic and
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tinue for a long time without becoming sore or occasioning any
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underlies the gospel of offensive tactics so dear to our strategists.
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Sepia Calcarea Carb. The Chamomilla may be given every four
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result of disturbance of innervation or of over distention of the
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is a great tendency to cough but expectoration is scanty and mucoid
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ment is undoubtedly accomplishing very satisfactory results.
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always the easiest person to deal with but you always stood
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Oil may be given. Chloride of Potassa is an important remedy in
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Perforation may take place from the pleura into the Itmg as the result
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After the patient has vomited thoroughly the following cathartic
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in small but frequently repeated doses or the following combination
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of rose water or glycerine. The watery solution of opium is a
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at this stage composed of equal parts of Lobelia and Ipecac given
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cartilage and the right occupying half the laryngeal canal. In
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that such amounts could be introduced in the jugular that the
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sult that there was absolute absence of general reaction while
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increased and they give the sensation of being nodulous and
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a chapter of twelve pages. The author divides the symptoms
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production. The organ is yellowish in color and remains enormously
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eye swelling of the lids discharge of hot scalding tears or dry
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running riot among the cattle of the country in the seventies.
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