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if the blood comes from the kidneys the urine will resemble bloody

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Cataract is an opacity or cloudiness of the crystalline lens or

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Belladonna. When the swelling is hot and dry or when it

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the constant invasion of the rights of others is a noted characteristic.

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so severe as to deprive the patient of reason is worse when lying

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It is a commonplace of educational theory that no man can

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Definition. A chronic progressive motor paralysis with atrophy


Washing the ear with mild warm suds of Castile soap may be

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one eye but usually occurs in both. Prominence of the eyeball may

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Causes. Taking cold during the period fright violent men i.i

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produced external to the heart as pericardial exocardial or frictional

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again it has been necessary to assist the complete anaesthesia

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attack. Existing diseases of the nose the pharynx etc. should

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seen broadening of the base of the thorax bulging of the flanks when

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had bloody fseces pneumonia and finally recovered. Another

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various applications recommended in the treatment of tinea tonsurans

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most easily digested in this condition of the stomacli.

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and mix with molasses give a teaspoonful three times a day for

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