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Executive Committee of the Congress which will take place at

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emphysema. On auscultation the diminished intensity of vesicular

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Congress within memory. But the Department of Agriculture

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taking shape. The Headquarters will be at the Hollenden

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with blood. The presence of fever indicates subsequent inflammation

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A tendency toward recovery is at times exhibited by the formation

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Divide into twelve powders and take one every two or three

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emulsion. Due to the inoculations in four instances abscesses

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Mix. Dose a teaspoonful every three four or five hours.

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ent tendency to unsoundness. No matter how capable and

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in fact the representation of all those States and Colonies

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Superintendent of the Bureau Experiment Station while the

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aim to discover truths of nature who make it their vocation by

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vessel and boiled for only a short time. The usual proportion of

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the knee in the bend of the injured elbow give a strong steady

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Resolution when it occurs is by lysis several weeks elapsing

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adjustment must be made of statement to suit new facts. Since

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take place and pneumonia especially not seldom occurs.

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nerves which are usually operated upon for lameness and re

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of the chest opposite to the one affected distressing sensation of

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Treatment. The patient should be placed at rest in bed and the

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