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same point in women. To determine these boundaries it is often

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and injuries are most common causes. It may be secondary to Pott s

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carditis or pyopericardium. Finally the effusion may be bloody

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meats which have not passed the government inspection their

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gradually subsided the patient seemed much relieved later in

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cated if the urine continues scanty preference being given to the alka

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Vleminckx s solution may be employed in some cases

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about when there is congestion of the head or lungs with fever

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plan is to apply pledgets of cotton soaked in a solution of adrenaline

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Winchester moved that the report be accepted seconded by Dr.

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The Association added the names of two distinguished vet

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institution he said were unsurpassed. A tour of the Dresden

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My beautiful and loving wife Carolyn am eternally grateful for

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drank freely is sometimes beneficial. If there is much pain give

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the meatus occlusion may result causing temporary deafness. The

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appliance that such cases may be removed to some place where

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Treatment. If the sweating is generalized a careful search should

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