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and soles of the feet and along the spinal column. If mustard
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is an excellent remedy. Spirits of Camphor Essence of Ginger
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had performed peroneal tenotomy on more than twenty of the
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utes of the previous meeting were accepted as read.
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satisfaction both to the health authorities and to the dairymen.
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brownish stains. It is very rare. It is essentially chronic but seldom
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Pustule. A pimple with an inflamed base containing mattcM.
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fore that this state of affairs is in no small part brought about
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veterinary inspector or government inspector may mean
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Cataract is an opacity or cloudiness of the crystalline lens or
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odor from these mud holes after the water became stagnant was
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is very offensive. The abdomen swells and becomes drum like.
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by altered urinary secretion and retraction of the testicle.
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theory was soon endorsed by European investigators and other
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all through it. Animal had never been bred and the only in
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As a disinfecting agent and a drink the following may be used
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throughout the years and giving me the cutest niece and nephews ever
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For the diarrhoea give the compound Syrup of Rhubarb and
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development of dyspnea and deficient oxygenation of the blood.
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our peril for any advances in the ascertainment of scientific
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Typhoid fever is less acute the fever is more regular the abdominal
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principles. The mare was then discharged and the owner re
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