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five minutes. The sitting bath should not be taken immediately

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Federal veterinary inspector be substituted for it. Meat inspec

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was voted that the Secretary cast one ballot for the election of

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nerve tracts are invaded. Trophic disturbances are seldom present.

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If there be considerable pain and headache a purgative should

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ing until better. If caused by the suppression of the discharge

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such intense friendships. I could not have survived without you. You

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tion witli Aconite or Belladonna if there is fever.

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the employment of new drugs and combinations of drugs and re

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termine whether this institution was entitled to be classed as

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bladder some of the sequelae such as cancer and perforation may be

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a dermatitis with superficial serous exudation. There is first

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quantities as are necessary to satisfy its natural desire for food.

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extricably interfused. The subject matter of each question may

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no consideration should cold or sea bathing be allowed. Warm

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against by cleansing the teeth after every meal. Mercury when

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ment of the negative element they inspire no scepticism about

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dam was Squirt s dam sister to Jld Country Wench above.

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of the hands is very common in those who are daily excessive spirit

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Symptoms. The eruption consists of elevated spots on the sur

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Dr. Maloney was then called upon as a representative of the

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Diagnosis. There is no condition resembling comedo so that


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active discharge. The following is used extensively

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working chronic insane patients seen in insane hospitals.

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an hypertrophied lieart muscle manifests a tendency to fatty and

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of gray matter or cells are connected by nerves or white matter each

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often involved and there is no fimgus demonstrable.

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which the ligaments are subjected and consequent tendency to

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tic seizure and is usually associated with hemiplegia.

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ment aortic regurgitation and disease of the vessel walls.

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to know the extent of the disease. Were our laws different so

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Epileptic dementia is the terminal mental obliquity resulting in

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This disease is characterized by yellowness of the skin and

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wHvLi Carbuncle Ardhra t Felon WhVXow Ingrowing Toe nail.

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the last named gentleman going deeply into the methods now

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three first given until all traces of the disease have vanished.

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sac becomes dilated and chronic pericarditis is produced.

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through disease they become a menace to human healthy an effi

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addition to paretic dementia locomotor ataxia and affections inter