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ally than water renders the skin supple and does not require to

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days or administer the compound syrup of Yellow dock. Sponge

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meats which have not passed the government inspection their

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The cow should be placed in a narrow stall or tied up close

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or twenty five drops in half a tumbler of water three or four

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ferential diagnosis of grlanders in text books. There can be no

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books where the retention of the foetus caused by transverse

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time or been improperly treated is to cause enlargement of the

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a moment and the animal will swallow and your tube will pass

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sions of tuberculosis. It might readily happen that the expo

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the horses along the road between these two places. Some of

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and pit of stomach dry and jarring cough and drowsiness during

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cious Slipperj j m or Starch water one fluid ounce Compound

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remain imdetected for a long period. Often they induce expulsive

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of Jalap to which should be added to each dose ten or fifteen

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the so called typhoid state myocarditis may be suspected.

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second hoiu. The amoimt of drug eliminated in each hour is then

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acterized by suppuration of the superficial and subcutaneous

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The consumers of meat and milk also have a deep interest

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Active purgation is indicated either by croton oil or magnesium

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make an excellent injection. If there is heat and difficulty in

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Curtiss and Willson Avenues about twenty minutes ride from

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hands in holy horror and stigmatise it as a barbarous idea.

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nosis of bronchial dilatation will be attended Avith a good deal of

finacea cream acne reviews

stomach enlarge as the growth progresses and secondary cancers

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Mooters test for sugar consists in boiling the urine with half its

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Coffea. When the child is restless and can not sleep has some

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judicious treatment but there is no curative treatment. Iodide of

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the mental faculties and reduces the victim to a lamentable state.