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about when the suppression is caused by exposure to dampness

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only in the meats of those animals. Gradual emaciation de

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while the massage did not give rise to great expulsion of gases

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applied over the abdomen. The body may be frequently bathed

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around the coronary zone. The moisture disappears and

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erythematous eruption on the face neck and chest resembling

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Definition. An indurated more or less drcimascribed dark red

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constriction in the chest and an intense desire for air. The breathing

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carried by the lymphatics. It is extremely virulent and is commonly

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ultimately attach themselves to the first passing host that comes

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prisonment in the county jail for not more than thirty days.

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feeble and the mental development is not in keeping with the age.

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vie. Case I. A five year old cow manifested great labor

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be prepared as follows For an infant take one tablespoonful of

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Ol one ounce of Hicra Picra or powdered Aloes with Castella

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Whereas There was no more earnest loyal and devoted member of

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of pus is indicated by chills irregular fever sweats localized pain

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definitions. Most of the classifications are mystifying and incom

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Coliosh drachms. Dose fifteen or twentj drops in a little