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inclination to vomit or violent vomiting during the remission mel

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mentioned on pages and as causes for dilatation of the heart.

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tion which threaten to make him fall. He was taken home

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Coffea. Great nervous excitement grinding of the teeth

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the Texas Veterinary Medical Association. Organized only

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placed in a warm bath and efforts made to reduce it. lint such

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guarding the purity of the milk supply is said to give very good

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Much benefit has been derived in some cases by the application

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pecially of hind parts frequent discolorization of the skin espe

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course of all sensitive nerves and according to the diseased re

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Hyosciamus. When the cough is very irritating and spasmodic

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quently in cold water and exercise in the open air.

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appreciable cause unilateral epileptiform convulsions without loss

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for a dose. Injections of and bathing in cold water will be found

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paratus of nutrition of respiration circulation nervous system

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peated every fifteen or twenty minutes if necessary.

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Causes. Among the local causes may be mentioned indigestion

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On Aug. the patient was discharged cured. In about one

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Symptoms. All the symptoms common to the other varieties of

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journey. He is the best part of my day and has helped me

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Ijelly swollen and sometipies tender to the touch fever generally

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heated paralysis of the tongue difficulty of swallowing.

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Take equal parts of Laudanum Spirits of Camphor and Tincture

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the lateral ventricles. Rarely an encapsulated abscess may become

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muscles named is likewise the sensory nerve for the laryngeal

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upon neighboring organs occur. Thus there may be unilateral