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your work by men following similar lines while there are in

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from the fact that during phonation both the posterior third and

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Senile mania is the mental exaltation occurring in persons with

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Tetanus. Stoney reports two cases of tetanus treated with

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to the ocular conjunctivae but at times involves also the general cuta

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of the aortic arch frequently give rise to unilateral or bilateral

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when worse in the evening give Alumina and Staphysagria.

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information on the extent of the disease among sheep in the in

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somewhat by the resistance of the uterine ligaments and the

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be expected under the latter conditions. Among agents of this class

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Prognosis. The prognosis is unfavorable in accordance with

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Administration of Remedies. Of the remedy chosen dissolve

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first symptom noticed is lameness in one front foot at first not

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boiled strain through a sieve. This may be drank either cold or

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Diagnosis. This is extremely difl amp cult the occurrence of septic

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are dependent upon the movements of the auricles and the ven

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and abscess of the heart muscle and softening resulting from occlusion of the

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the colic disappears wlien the distress of mind begins or the dis

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sors of the toe. It lies deeply here and is concealed since in

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the gases begin to travel. The arm can then be gradually with

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make the same mistakes. There is little doubt that this is true

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Functional obstruction of the esophagus or esophagismus is an

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and give a teaspoonful every two or three minutes until several