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Definition. The loss partial or complete of the power of ex

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dose when the skin begins to peel off. When the symptoms

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Carbo Veg. a teaspoonful of the solution every half hour or hour.

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relationships existing between farmers and veterinarians but

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Death was imminent from suffocation the distended stomach

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ahhough older persons have been attacked even up to seventy

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eration. Yet both in a time which was distinctly a period of

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an impromptu address of much mirth and full of pleasant

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fore treatment were nearly absent after the taking of about six

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tem of rotation back and forth from inspection before death to

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cupiul Laudanum twenty to sixty drops. Mix. Repeat as often

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irregularly shaped pin head or pea sized yellowish brownish or

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Hops may be used by dipping a sack containing them into hot

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sive sublimate copper carbolic add etc. It may also be due to

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direction of the trunk of which the branch turning downward

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Not much can be expected from astringents plumbic acetate tannic acid

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prove after a few doses then at once select another remedy and

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uncommon sequel of chronic myocarditis. It results in consequence of


Mezereum Hepar Sulphur Graphites Nitric Acid Antinionium

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nal region was the seat of a large wound from which hung two

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added shortly after the oil is begun and increased to five or six

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diseases a Infections and intoxications b parasitic diseases

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liquids out through the nose burning or pricking sensation and

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and intermuscular cellular tissue. On the left side of the

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bler of water and if the stomach be full of indigested food give

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gress and attended with no pain. It occurs generally in countries

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Among other phenomena that belong to the hysterical state are

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culosis but even if such were the case our opinion would not

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ease. The mouth of the child should be washed out with a wet

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sequence of deficient nutrition of the lienrt muscle.

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tained white frothy mucus. Trachea scarlet and inflamed

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with a few drops of Laudanum and Camphor to each dose. Mus


Convulsion. A violent and involuntary contraction of the muscles of any

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of this Association in behalf of our bills at the Legislature be

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with pale and dry stools is the rule but diarrhea may occur.

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detached without loss of substance. Among the causative factors

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Secretion. The separation of the material of tlie blood performed mostly