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tended to all such and to any other persons interested. As large
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of the outbreak. The disease affected horses and mules alike
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After considerable discussion regarding the report of the Board
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pain abdominal distention indigestion diarrhea fatty stools
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For myself an additional important adjunct in differential diagnosis
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It has been one year since I wrote a short article in your
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perature varying between and F. ptdse tense and rapid
mation of these joints are often a cause of trouble as has already
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of tuberculosis in domestic animals and above all of specimens
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Sjjmptoms. First Stage The first stage is generally preceded
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is a rather strong predisposing factor. Among the exciting causes
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them as a result of natural causes and accidental injuries. Prof.
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Prognosis. An attack of acute bronchial catarrh often ter
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weakness paleness of the lips. As the secretion increases in the
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general they do not appear when the breath is held.
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anasarca and a generalized tired feeling. In acute cases there are
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Platina. When the feces are voided in small hard lumps with
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Bureau of Animal Industry when hardly a veterinary college
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Bassiana and budding fungi O idium albicans thrush fungus have
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chest nausea and vomiting. During the intermission food tastes
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cieansed once or twice a day and then washed iu a mixture of
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symptoms are present Pressure in the chest stitches in the breast
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particularly as to their unprofessional tactics it was decided
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Fehling s test is not advised for merely detecting the presence of
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