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The external carotids on each side supply blood to the scalp the

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Diet. Tills should k oat meal gruel barley water toast water

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operation causes a swelling which results in counter irritation

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in small but frequently repeated doses may be of benefit.

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blood poisoning or pulmonary complications. The duration varies

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chills intermittent fever and sweats. Nausea and vomiting may be

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Sjrnonyms. Catarrh of the rectimi dysentery rectitis.

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Symptoms. The catarrh usually commences with dull pain and

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down with legs extended. Urination more or less. Efforts at

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value for example are the judgments of a specialist exclusive

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continues for any considerable time the hair falls out and seldom

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success. In cases of syphilitic origin mercury and potassium iodide

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ing another repetition of the trouble the cow was not taken to

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changes progress there develop progressive weakness dyspnea

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well ventilated room with the head elevated will however serve to

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men as if the contents would fall out heaviness in the thigh

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decreased. They are more common in men than in women.

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ing Animals from Cruelty. The Director of Public Safety

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Or Dover s Powder or grains to be given at once and

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channels are either contributary or the result of the action ta

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Hepatic intermittent fever differs from hepatic abscess in its history

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preceded by various nervous phenomena as nervousness irritability

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spoken of as brown induration of the htncjs. The mucous membrane

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of the chief or inspector in charge he has i. directive power

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the femur. The cow was very restless and got a bit out of

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animal parasites especially scabies. When the scratch marks are

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cold or exposure to a draught of air while perspiring swelling of

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verted metabolism and causes no symptoms. The urine is normal

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