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is of great value care being taken to avoid cardiac depression.

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nemia a condition characterized by tmconsdousness dyspnea pain

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artery which sends branches to the second and third frontal convolu

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the question viz. to prove or disprove the utility of the vaccine

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tions etc. the following will be found very successful

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may involve the whole or isolated portions of the cord. When the

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sense. The school depends upon the Secretary of War every

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S. Weir Mitchell has devised a plan for bedfast hysterical patients

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deficiency in the modern graduate is his lack of knowledge of

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externally ether valerian root and ethereal tincture of valerian.

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Charcot gives the following summary of the symptoms.

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Pathology. The disease consists of an inflammation within and

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obstruction perforation of the stomach acute toxic gastritis and

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