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were castrated. The duration of the treatment extended from

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that a field is opened for experimentation along certain lines

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We are pleased to state that nearly every city of note in the

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been in vogue seems very difficult to eradicate much more so

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and make into thirty pills. Dose two or three pills twice a day

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is also a small subcutaneous tract running forward toward the

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of the farmer through such efforts than through any efforts in

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of even passing interest for discussion. You are all cogni

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linger myelitis more or less pronoimced will ensue.

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has been tried by the author at the veterinary school of Tou

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The main sotmds elicited by percussion are the dull clear and

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domen by means of a gore placed in the centre of the canvas.

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Kelly Im not sure what would have done these last years without

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scientific mind has when at work note fourth the atmosphere

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Causes. Simple chronic catarrhal inflammation of the larynx

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treated. Ulceration of the neck of the womb sometimes results.

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of especial importance. Of late ulcerative endocarditis has been observed

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contracted pupils embarrassed respiration repeated vomiting

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In acute diseases when tliero is high fever this form of bath

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of powdered charcoal and half a teaspoonful of Nitre mixed

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earthy matter is drank. It is found principally in Nottingham

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to bleed and are very painful. The diet must be carefully regu

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laughter and for being the beautiful littie girl that you are.

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for luxury still less for the commendable ambition of every man

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The water is artesian. She turns to the right is not violent and

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ing whistling sibilant and sonorous r amp les as the paroxysm subsides

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times a day. Smoking stramonium leaves will relieve in some

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ties that some horses and mares possess a peculiar habit of body

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certain toxines which produce local and general disturbances.

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creosote preparation on him more for the sake of doing some

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rather to the upper abdomen and right shoulder and the urine is

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efficient application. The oleate of mercury and boric acid may also

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Lcchesis. Pressing pain better soon after a meal but renewed

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ters pertaining to the prosecution of illegal practitioners. We

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Mix. Take at one dose and repeat as often as necessarj.

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workshops these peopled colonies those ships which furrow the

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symmetric peripheral nerves simultaneously or in rapid succession

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sis from the onset there is failing health with a concentration of

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If the vertigo is caused by dyspepsia attention should be given

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steadily improving. He considers that the horses and

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varies from a few moments to several hours the intervals being

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Has had enlargement for a year but has only been lame two