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Chronic gout results from a repetition of acute attacks and in

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strychnine in doses from to grs. not to be repeated in less

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and Arsenic every morning and evening a dose of each alter

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primary dementia there is probably attopYvy ol cfeTtain cells from over

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times be obtained by bathing the affected part with a mixture of

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Lichen plantis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin char

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nausea vomiting fainting. Sensation of heaviness with pain and

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Treatment The attack To avert an impending attack inhala

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the upper eyelid fear of light darting pain in the eyeballs redness

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organs but who have been compelled to perform unusually severe


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chronic meteorism which according to many is a syndrome of

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dines are savin rue coriander cumin parched grains and fat

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ankles. The bed should be stripped of its covering one or two

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