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and loud snoring and whistling rales. Pollen has been found in

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Symptoms. The clinical evidences of inflammation of the cardiac

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the mesentery and well exposed when the small intestine with

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ounces add six pints of boiling water cover the vessel and let it

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and became dull and stupid. Several remedies were tried with

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ment of Southern cattle is the greatest obstacle to the growth of

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salicylic add gr. xv where pain is present the other salicylates

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Symptoms. The onset of the disease is very gradual with increas

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Following Tyson Every variety of cancer is found in the stomach

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unreliable with decline of moral sensibility easily fatigued by mental

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tend an invitation to the American Veterinary Medical Associ

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In biliary colic jaimdice is almost always present the stools are