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The less potent tinctures with but few exceptions have
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Four o clock p. m. September a third injection was given
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was secured by first intention. The growth had not returned
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areas are attended by no changes other than loss of pigment which
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This is to be given in cases of headache which commence with
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to this mode of therapy have no claim to priority as nuclein
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on the head mechanical causes preventing the return of the blood
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twisted with haemostatic forceps. The urethra was then dis
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with last season. This despite the depressing effects of the
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by altered urinary secretion and retraction of the testicle.
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the desire to urinate is constant but the urine is passed witli great
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of the anatomy of the hind leg with special reference to the
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that could be learned of interest was that the mare never had
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no other name in the pedigree of Countess except as descend
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stage of the disease. Give or drops with or grains of
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The pia arachnoid is the nutritive covering of the brain supplying
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supra coronary abscess healed rapidly and suppuration from both
Ikrwa backflow into the left auricle already filling from the pulmonary veina
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upon this.committee and I would respectfully suggest to the
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