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of Gelsemium in doses of half a teaspoonful every half hour.
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of pain in gastralgia but not in gastric ulcer and cancer.
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pending upon the next Legislature to reimburse them.
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severe efforts at cough as for instance in whooping cough may
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maxillary space mostly on the left side is extending upwards
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The pulse is small weak easily compressible and often irregular
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in quarantine for eight days and are tested with mallein.
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increased. Sometimes the teeth may be loosened and fall out.
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ethics treatise on the emendation of the intellect
grimacing with a dancing movement with many queer contortions
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cause these conditions seldom permanently interfere with a
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The principal remedies are Pulsatilla Sepia Belladonna Hyos
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Dear Sirs While writing I would like to know if any
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These restrictions need only apply to hemorrhagic cases and aneurysm in
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