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Diagnosis. When wasting palsy is fully developed its diagnosis
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thus render unbearable the association of others. The patients
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The quittor was noticed in a two year old mule running on
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stood destruction of elastic tissue and of pulmonary capillaries is
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listen and accommodate to my various situations are the
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juice as required by the patient. Balm and other teas are made
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is generally preceded by the following symptoms Headache
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When tlie jaundice is occasioned by the passage of gall stone it
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fast day per cent vegetables and one half the usual quantity of
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been deprived of green food for some time. The symptoms pro
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and headache are common. Sexual inclination and power are greatly
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teaspoonfuls of water and give a teaspoonful every hour two
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Synonyms. Gastric hemorrhage gastrorrhagia hemorrhage of
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and mix them. Useful for constipation and to improve the appe
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J. V. Newton Twenty seven Years Experience as a Veteri
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The report of the Secretary Treasurer was then read.
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veterinary surgeon in this country should fail to secure the ex
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Treatment The care of the general health and meeting symptoms
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a half grains of Sugar of Lead in some vinegar and water. If
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To properly regulate the diet is a very important part of the
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tomatic treatment while a search is being made for the tmderlying
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Hepar Sulphur. If the cold has been better but is getting worse
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are required to establish the correct dose to use. In some cases
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as possible or in the position of orthopnea. Often the dyspnea is
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of other individuals and develops gradually with sighing meaningless
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The same treatment during the paroxysm should be used as i
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The assistant chief of a station is commissioned direct from
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the question To resume fecundated females only attach
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the bandage tails as to secure adaptation to the form of the abdomen.
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or it may depend upon an erujition like thrush in infants when it
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or ointment and flexible collodion. A combination of boric acid
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treated. Ulceration of the neck of the womb sometimes results.
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