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given by the owner was that this cow had been apparently in

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hydropic and inflammatory edema of the glottis. In cases of in

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Causes. The condition accompanies most organic diseases of the

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Causes. It is usually brought about by chronic valvular heart

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Serums employed for antitoxic purposes are not unconmionly

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sawed through and left vocal cord exposed motionless cord

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Description. Baldness in circumscribed areas. These areas

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vigorous rubbing. Out door exercise should be freely taken.

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attacks of accelerated heart action and di spnea occur which may

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means an unimportant factor in contributing to hereditary pre

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Bill is in the same condition. Dr. Hoskins read a copy of the

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macules and papules the eruption often resembling urticari

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The annual outing of the Massachusetts Veterinary Associa

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late adonis vernalis convallaria raajalis spartein sulphate and

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breathing is rapid and laborious pulse feeble and the tongue dry

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tract. It is most common in yotmg adtdt males and its etiology

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not sufficient. Thfe best however is that which she finds in the

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a stuck on appearance. After several days these drop off leaving

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by the cold condition of the growth. In six days the slough

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other than the Bodphilus anmilattis were capable of transmit

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Treatment A supportive plan of treatment with thorough action

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been handed down to him from his forefathers and in which vi

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the most common diseases of the heart and diseases in general. At

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the contact of air and light it must be thoroughly pure and

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stupid won t eat or drink and nothing has passed from the

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placed in a comfortable position in a darkened room and should

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but shows signs of collapse. Strychnine is prescribed and dilu

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becoming a doctor. Without their years of support and

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term government inspector may mean in a packing town.

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six that were not treated. Since the two lots of animals were

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formerly we found stallions of trotting stock and in the range

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At first it looked as though one might diagnose it as malig

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Diagnosis. Diabetes mellitus only exists when grape sugar is

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often fluctuating and movable. The solitary glands Peyer s patches

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I disturbances of sensation loss of coordinating power