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Bronchiectasis often results in consequence of exposure of the air within
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mine is of German discovery and was used as an anaesthetic in
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The Wade Park Avenue line of cars which passes the Hol
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military practice are extensively known. Prof. Beebe is a recognized authority
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been there through the good times and the bad making me
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cases Belladonna and Mercury may be given in alternation after
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iting generally occurs as a symptom of some disease sometimes
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disease has been divided into four stages which are as follows
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cepted. One of the Board of Censors being absent it was voted
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Pulsatilla. Long chill little heat and no thirst. Symptoms
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ature. After a dense growth had formed which required eight
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Resin. Cerate. Resin five ounces yellow wax two ounces
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If the limg be consolidated denser the vibration is greater and
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youngest and mightiest biological science applied in medicine.
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Mercy Catholic Medical Center offers high quality education for residents combined wth
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The seat of greatest intensity of the cardiac sounds is changed
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placed beneath the nose of the practitioner with the invitation for him
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except in certain and remote localities where his prestige has
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steals upon tlie patient uncousciouslv giving no warning of its ap
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sino auricular node spreads to the auricles and is then transmitted
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IS a sudden severe vertigo the result ot eVlViet hemorrhage or a
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Pericardial murmurs may be confounded with endocardial and
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Preparation of Food fob Sickness and Convalescence.
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nally and counterirritation to the patches may be tried.
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problems of State medicine to the reports of simple cases met
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the heart fainting difficult breathing when exercising and after
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dry cough and other signs of cardiac embarrassment.
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trousseau. Aiding in this task is Mrs. Henry Huidekoper her
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Pathologist Dominion Departynent of A griailture Ottau a Canada.
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Dry r les are particularly prone to be dislodged by coughing
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attention. Astringent sprays such as alimi per cent. solution
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striking prominence by Dr. Ashmead s announcement make it