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pecially those matters which pertain to stock raising. It is a
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creased vocal resonance fixed dullness absence of intercostal bulging
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failure of both to provide a middle man and this middle man
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Veterinary Medical Examiners at Trention and have been duly
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seeing the next few years of our life together unfold.
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son and their bloodvessels showed in their adventitious wall
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are given off the internal capsule is deprived of its blood supply
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side of scientific work and long experience or at least marked
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same instant that the aortic direct murmur occurs and is distin
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by a nail believing that the disease will be prevented from de
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may not be apparent or at least only to those who have carefully
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the case of the selection of five Vice Presidents there being
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Normal blood consists of plasma corpuscles and plaques. The
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or exfoliated fragments of cartilage in the larynx. Death from
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of the facts that none but solipeds have this disease and none
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with warm weak lye water to allay the itching and burning. If
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sciences in Europe whether veterinary or medical do some
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Dr. Miller was among the first who attempted the standing
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tory and nervous systems hinderance to the normal mastication
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through college and medical school without their love
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cal Association was published and its successful issue fore
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may be inherited or diabetes mellitus may have existed in the parent.
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drowsiness feeling worse on moving the eyes or raising or moving
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extending to face ears and teeth dizziness with humming in the
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compensation occurs the cardiac action becomes excessive and dis
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may either increase or arrest the discharge. Cold and hot baths
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dirty yellowish or brownish crust in the other the skin presents a
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to hoof injury than those of colder latitude the same may be
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Secretary Wilson s offlce the other day I overheard some inter
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it but as he read his face blanched. My God he exclaimed
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ache nausea coldness of the feet and limbs numbness or pricking
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you are so apt to split the tooth or encroach upon the dentine
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four ounces of milk half an ounce of cream and a teaspoonful of
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ment and with little or no expression of the face while still another
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Under the present conditions this disease is becoming more