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occurred in the processes of wool sorting combing and spin

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Leg Of Foot Of Toes. Compoimd Fractures Dislocation Of Jaw

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ion is for the safety healthfulness and comfort of the animals

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pain is in the hepatic region radiates to the right shoulder is attended

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embarrass the fimctional activity of the liver and kidneys. Alcohol

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and stimulating applications should be made to the ulcerated area.

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weakly and the poorly nourished. In adults it is usually associated

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monary resonance it is for the most part the result of a tuberculous

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you for all of your encouragement throughout the years.

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Dr. King recommends the administration of a half a tablespoon

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r d. To excite respiration or breathing turn the patient slightly

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alternately. Other remedies are Arsenicum Belladonna Carbo.

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tes are slightly increased. When splenic anemia is associated with

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wine. Dose half a wineglassful three or four times a day.

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decomposition of the secretion may cause gangrene of the bronchial

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Anatomic Alterations. Dilated chambers of the heart are

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Give each remedy from four to six weeks. The only permanent

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cannot be taken from the arm twelve or more leeches should be

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The effect is quite rapid. The author treated seven dogs for

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No. of the Bureau of Animal Industry and is by Drs. Dorset

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complications are cataract retinitis optic atrophy palsies and toxic

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relief however is an operation which should be performed by a

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Pathology. The disease is believed to be due primarily to some

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Prognosis. Acute dementia is generally favorable. All other

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posted not by mere whim or fancy regarding food but upon

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modic cough worse at niglit when coughing the child presses its

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of trypanosomidse Holmes tried to investigate more closely the

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mouth. Whitish spots soon appear and cover the entire mouth.

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its septic character. In addition there may be marked pallor

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among others I recorded the trials through which the vaccine

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fontanels often remain open vmtil the second or third year. In the

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