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This is a contagious disease occurring generally but once in the
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being within and not between the fibers. The fatty metamorphosis
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mav be taken to punish the offenders. When a patrolman sees
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M. S. Teaspoonftd well diluted after meals and at bed time
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preponderate. If several valvular apparatus are simultaneously
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are of value. When the affection can be attributed to syphilis or
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upon the surface of the scalp or upon the hair. Their presence gives
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dermic injection of eserine and with gratifying results. I always
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tity withheld had given Sioo ooo for maintenance. The
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with tepid water. If the head is hot put cloths wet in cold
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rapid pulse and respiration and rise of temperature.
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containing his food and succeeds in taking most of his meal.
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Seventy five per cent recover from the first attack but the affection
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panitic soimd of high pitch and denotes a large cavity with firm but
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in nearly all cases regulating the dose in accordance with the age of
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pulsation. Generally a murmtu may be detected but it is subject
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lowing night. On morning of th was found lying in the
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quently resorted to followed by a brisk rubbing. The diet should
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yourself indispensable to your fellow man. Is there a better