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other symptoms of fever. We soon have a sharp stabbing pain

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indefinite period. The appearance of complications and acute

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relapse. The diet should consist of prunes tamarinds or apple

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l rofuse Menstruation. Weakness and pain in the back extend

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the nerves idopathic muscular disease or disease such as follows

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charge. The smell from this was very offensive. The liquid

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become pure. Should the inflammation in the joint remain to

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Dose one teaspoonful three times a day on every other day.

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by constitutional disturbances such as loss of appetite sluggish

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or the acne bacilltis. As predisposing causes may be mentioned

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and more the womb and its appendages. All that is necessary is

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occlusion of cardiac orifices. At times signs of constriction nf a cardiac

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superior third of the anterior border of the bone. As there is

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with table on the lower floor and every appliance that is known

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was properly prepared for operation milk tube sterilized and

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tion being paid to those of the limbs which produce lameness.

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conditions. When compensation fails rest is an absolute indication.