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the legs and thighs the face is exempt except in nursing infants the

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and tucks it closely to the body. The arms are then dropped to

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Agents. It is to be hoped that writers for veterinary journals

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unless the patient be very much reduced by loss of blood wlien she

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narrowing exists in the smaller bronchial tubes the resulting soimd

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not limited to the cortex. This condition is found in other brain

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The Compound Syrup of Partridge Berry is recommended to be

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Pulsatilla. Tongue coated white bitter taste in the mouth loss

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solitary and is situated on the posterior wall of the stomach near

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plete the cells atrophy the little mass becoming caseous and the

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Treatment The following plan of treatment is very effective

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and a rough friction soimd or exocardial murmur may be obtained.

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When syphilis affects the constitution it is known as secondary

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It is also proper that the specific organism should be named ir

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difficulties they prove to be the conditions of our success. A

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ing should be of cotton or coarse linen sufficiently long to reach

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answer to the question is left to the inspector and his judg

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to ten drops every hour. When the patient is recovering tonics

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certain other non infectious diseases nevertheless almost equally

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M. S. Apply at bedtime and remove with soap and water

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to give Aconite and Belladonna in alternation turn about every

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This is valuable to produce sweating lessen pain and induce

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Ureters. The tubes leading from the kidneys to the bladder.


ting or at least try as the case would surely terminate fatally

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ceived a communication from Dr. Eckles of St. Charles asking

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Symptoms. Ringworm of the scalp usually begins in the form of

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from other drdnate diseases such as psoriasis seborrhoic eczema

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his policies for its improvement and his plans for extending its

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In erythematous eczema of the face lotions seem most beneficial

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the head pressing in the head as if it would split sleeplessness

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slight provocation and giving rise to that very troublesome in


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with a cheerful temper then the milk is regularly abundant and


bellar arteries and then join and form the basilar artery which