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and down stairs riding on horseback or in a carriage over a rougi

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Administration of Remedies. Of the selected remedy dissolve

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the peripheral arteries have a hard bony feel not imlike whip cord.

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the American Veterinary College and replied in a genial man

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To my parents Mom Thank you so much for your love support and

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an artificial Carlsbad salt which may be made as follows Sodium

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of iron preferably B ham s mixture should be administered imtil

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it. Frequently when the symptoms are severe hot foot baths to

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to another official station East or West as the case may be. It

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to call both in city and country as occasion may require. And

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Symptoms. These are not always apparent and vary with the

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The following powder may be used as a snuff Take one ounce

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tumefaction as to convey to the finger an impression similar to that

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Make into thirtv pills. Dose one pill from three to six times a

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Discernment should also reign in the interpretation of the

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nary Science in the Texas A. and M. College and an active

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and at a meeting of the Society of Application of Medical Sci

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Small suppositories of glycerin or soap may be used or an injection

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sor with articles of work carried out in his laboratory. One on

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the knees some minute with the left side of the head flat on

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diognosis of glanders if the sign of Strauss was absent.

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should be placed in warm water and a warm mustard poultice ap

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Percussion shows increased precordial dullness especially over the

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students are selected from the good families of the country and