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Belladonna. When Aconite fails to relieve and when there is

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or barley water or oatmeal water will often overcome the difficulty.

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of pyemia or infection from distant organs such as the lungs they

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and Dr. Lamb State Veterinarian and Dr. March in charge of

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As reported by the United States Department of Agricul

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Symptoms. It is accompanied by dyspnea cyanosis due to

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wholly through the untiring efforts of this Association. The

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ciles. The legislature of the State of Pennsylvania passed a bill

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cows or cows carrying calves or unhealthy animals in general

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pain for a short time afterward. The injection of to minims

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it is used it is sufficiently suggestive and does not mislead those

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diagnosis. There are a few affections however which may be con

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pustular. It is seen on the forehead nose and upper lip and is

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The following may be used to purify the blood tincture of