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connective tissue of the corium becomes the seat of a round cell

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Mix. Dose two teaspoonfuls to a tablespoonful as often as

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Intermittent Fever. This disease is characterized by paroxysms

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cording to the changes to the modifications that they produce

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paste applied as a plaster. While the area is discharging it should

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of Peru are most useful in infantile cases. In using betanaphthol

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while the massage did not give rise to great expulsion of gases

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quarter of a dollar. The affection occurs with greatest frequency

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there is a general scarcity of post mortem records of this disease.

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The diagnosis is to be made between eczema of these parts and

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stifle joint. There is total inability to bear weight on the

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and topics a knowledge of which is commonly and generally

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and the best friend of the busy practitioner. A. Jasme

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Examiners held their first meeting in Knoxille May th at

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tis be present may be associated with more or less pronoimced moist

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ing causes to wit the employment of fraud or deception in

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observed over its area. Bulging over the lower part of the sternum

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or likely to be introduced because it is a ready method that

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Administration of Remedies. Where the directions are not given

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tant ends so easily and rapidly as by getting acquainted with

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parts mostly involved. If of long duration some inflammatory

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alkaloid most commonly employed. Morphine hydrochloride gr.

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a shriek and becomes insensible twitching of the muscles of the

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trolley car and automobile horses are higher in value per head

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given to clear out thoroughly the intestinal tract. During this last

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can understand what is said to him. Lesions of cause agraphia.

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little of this may be grated and prepared in the same manner as

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cord are first involved. Their destruction is not a simple wasting

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Philadelphia as an excellent prescription to prevent attacks of