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the members of the Board as coming from colleges on a par

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Diagnosis. Palpitation or irritability of the heart is differen

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senile or premature. Premature whitening of the hair may be due

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monthly installments of one hundred dollars regardless of the

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which minute dust of the dangerous bacilli will be spread

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likewise frequently recede within a short time. Naturally the

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April comments editorially upon the fact that notwith

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when only twenty years of age and was a successful practition

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oi Coffea or Belladonna. As soon as the patient perspires and

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insanity in monomania or paranoia. The exciting cause may be the

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others they may be repeated daily. With the termination of an

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tendinous thickenings of the epicardium tendinous spots maculce

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gm. should then be given every two hours imtil six doses have

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Behring in regard to immunization against cattle tuberculosis.

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still extending. Not only are all the packing houses and all

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ration redness and inflammation of the eyes swelling of the

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Calamine Cerate Turner s Cerate. Take of lard one pound

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Lron one part to ten parts of water may be used with benefit.

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Prognosis. The outlook depends entirely upon the cause. When

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diarrhoea blows falls cold chronic inflammation of the brain.

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disseminated sclerosis the tremor is irregular jerky and increased

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becomes detached it leaves the surface of an appearance like that

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In the April Review the full text of the Veterinary Bill in

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trachea and he bears out his claim by two exceedingly interest

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ing the whole body. The treatment of this disease should be under

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urinating blood. She was in good condition eight months preg

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suggest the propriety of a new study of the tuberculination