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losis may be employed supplemented by the use of the x ray.

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For Prospectus giving all information as to curriculum fees etc. addreas

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of countenance dyspepsia palpitation of the heart and tali in the

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duction in the aortic blood current and frequently death has been

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enlargement and tenderness in Itunbar region the presence of pus

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Belladonna. Especially when the pains come on in the aft lt r

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discrimination is often only positive by careful study of the symptoms

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add gm. carbohydrates daily up to and then gm. every other

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temper and sadness. In chronic cases where the patient is very

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presence in the stomach of imdigested or indigestible foods alcoholic

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and with respiration almost normal and finally in which to

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may be observed at times during pregnancy and after hemiplegia.

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officer was taking notes of the results of the examination while

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work of the States to study the conditions to watch for new


Definition. An acute exudative inflammation of the cerebral

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Cavernous rides or as they are commonly termed gurgling rdles

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veterinary inspector or government inspector may mean

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to find out new paths for themselves. Exploitation of new

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moderate rigidity with alterations in the gait and at times mental

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common on the neck. They spread slowly and sometimes show a

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The onset is usually sudden with tingling of the lips and tongue

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ready to die would send post haste for you to come regardless

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solve twelve globules in twelve teaspoonfuls of water and give amp

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darkish points the more prominent of which represents the parasite.

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retain his band of mares for several years or perhaps until he

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however this paper has been prepared on the presumption that

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heart is interfered with. Further in some cases several causes are

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Gastralgia is usually attended by paroxysmal pain over the region

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Belladonna if in scarlet fever Bryonia if in measles. If these do

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Peritonsillar abscess or quinsy demands incision with a guarded

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Chapman of the University of Pennsylvania recommends that one

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swollen as in the earlier stages of bronchitis also in the earlier stages

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portance is Belladonna. It is to be given in all forms and stages

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weaned. After taking precautionary measures to prevent the

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menorrhagia and also into the substance of the mucous membranes

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should be replaced bv astringents argentic nitrate from. to

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and large experience in the treatment of the organs concerned

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The Lord is my Rock my Fortress my Deliverer my od. my