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Benefit has resulted from to minim doses of dilute sulphuric
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the eighth to the eleventh rib and posteriorly from the tenth to the
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are obtained and when they do occur the location of the hemorrhage
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an irritable condition of the system sudden Hushes of heat over
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quart of water and inject one third three times a day. The
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After the fever is broken and the patient begins to recc er
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and if found satisfactory we should endorse the work of any new
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practical issues though born of their own deeds. These rising
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by such. The Board has never considered it a part of their duties
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well to bring up the subject for discussion at this meeting.
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n more frequent in femsdes but lumbriccid wonJQS me ciw jv
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It is more frequent in women than in men and usually develops about
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an examiner of animals ante mortem or post mortem an officer
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posed to the drizzling rain that occurred during latter half of
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detached without loss of substance. Among the causative factors
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color. As the affection progresses scales form on the lesions. Itch
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days to pulse unchanged high. Endovenous injections of
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three different forms. Some parasites possess a prolongated end
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slaughtered. At the most minute examination not the slight
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al changes in the brain which cause incoordination delirium
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ample. Valuable thoroughbred bull dog has had eczema for
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The tincture of Aconite may be mixed with the tincture of Gel
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Acrid. Biting hot substances which occasion a sense of irritation when ap
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patch of grass and thrown with the neck collar and sidelines.
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virulent sometimes very much so inoculated in doses of two
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Infectious rhinitis may occur either as an independent and
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nounced anchylosis of the hock that no treatment would ben
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dislocated bone forward and at the same time straighten out the
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dry clothing and allowed to sleep. As there is generally more os
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subordinates is a veterinarian. The men to do the work of this
full pulse are present. Dropsy soon appears beginning first in the
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Should the eruption strike in and the patient complain of sick
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Narcotic. A medicine which relieves pain and produces sleep.
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ination. Our attorney contended that we had discretionary
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An attack of bronchitis may Ix sometimes broken by taking
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and the like sometimes proves beneficial. In the chronic form